Presi Mecatome T255/300 Refurbished

A warn and well used machine has been stripped down by our engineers this week. It’s been fully restored and all major parts have been replaced e.g. bearings, gas struts and seal. freshly painted and looking like a new machine.    This will soon be added to our refurbished stock ready for sale. 

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Spectrocare refurbishment


SpectroCare is a new and unique approach to service and support, providing a holistic care for your operation. SpectroCare provides a market leading utility that provides a complete overhaul and refurbishment of any equipment from all manufactures.

Recent project Struers Exotom fully refurbishment.

Result- A complete overhaul on a old and well used cutter with new and improved parts added.
     Spectrographic offers a range of comprehensive service packages, which help to ensure; ·          Improved machine performance and precision. ·Minimal disruption from machine down-time. ·Minimal machinery depreciation.

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Servicing of the Labotom-3 Abrasive Cutter

Spectrographic supply a full refurbishment and servicing package, transforming your machines from zero to hundred. This ensures the machine is fully rejuvenated, minus the usual expense, by:

Improving machine performance and precisionMinimising disruption from machine down-timeMinimising machinery depreciation

Starting off in need of a clean, a full refurbishment of the vices, a new return spring and repair of the lid gas strut, the Labotom-3 Abrasive Cutter was going to be a big job.

First of all the machine was totally stripped, to allow for a thorough and efficient clean.

Cleaning of the Labotom was vital to allow the machine to be painted to a high standard. The above and right pictures show before and after the clean, highlighting the vast aesthetic improvement.

To allow for better viewing, the service team went the extra mile and fit an LED lamp, as well as providing a full refurbishment of both vices to ensure they are working as new.

As well as working like new it is always im…

Single OmegaPol Metallurgical Polishing Machines

Spectrographic are metallurgical equipment and consumable suppliers from West Yorkshire.

The news of the day is that we have just seen received a shipment of single polishing wheels with Variable Speed, for 200mm or 250mm grinding papers and polishing cloths.

These materials testing Grinding and Polishing Machines are waiting for immediate dispatch and can be purchased with Gritfix, Grinding Papers, Polishing Cloths and Diamond Suspension.

What's more if you require full installation and training this can be factored in and completed by our service team.

If you would be interested in having this as part of your metallurgy laboratory then, please contact the Spectrographic Team.


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A Multi Doser for Various Metallurgical Polishers

The Spectrographic service team have developed a way of using a Multi-Doser on a number of different polishers, and this how they did it.


·We wanted to make the multi-doser an independent; this will allow the machine to be used with various polishers.

·It needed a nozzle arm for the fluid (slurry) to dispense from.

·It also needed its own power supply as this machine was originally designed to attach with a (Struers Rotopol polisher / grinder).

·A dosing arm was designed and manufactured with magnetic base. This allows the nozzle feed / doser arm to a machine by adding a small metal plate. Or it can fit to the Multidoser and hover over your machine dispensing the correct amount of slurry when needed.

·Supply and fitting of the correct power supply and necessary connector needed to make this unit independent. It can now be plugged in next to any polishing machinery and make it an automatic dosing machine increasing automation of the polishing process.
The …

Leitz Micro Hardness Tester and Camera

Spectrographic are resellers of refurbished hardness testers, as well as selling other used and new materials testing equipment.

Recently, we have sold a Used Leitz Micro Hardness Tester andIworks Ex metallurgical software to University College Dublin.

The whole system was fully checked by our service engineers, and then the Software for Microscopy and MSDX501 camera was added by Liam our Microscope specialist.

The software system can do the basic capture and measure of the Leitz Micro Hardness Tester that can measure metallurgy samples at a magnification of up to x400.

At the moment we have another Leitz HV tester in stock, so if you would like to know more information about this full software system please contact spectrographic on:

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Book Review: Surface Preparation and Microscopy of Materials by Brian Bousfield

Spectrographic's Managing Director, Paul Chippendale, enjoys a good read.  His favourite Metallurgy publication is the book by Brain Bousfield, Surface Preparation and Microscopy of Materials.

This metallurgical book really is the bible for all metallurgists, and gives a great insight into the field of materials surface preparation, according to Paul.

It gives an in-depth insight into the preparation of metals, spray coatings, composites, minerals, PCB's and electronic circuits, thin film measurement, soft materials and ceramics.  The book also enlightens the reader into hardness testing and applied microscopy.

Paul has been inspired by this book to write his own guidance notes for sample preparation, available from the website.

The Spectrographic Team are here to help identify your preparation needs, and the book is available on Amazon.


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